New Year- Motivational Life Update

Reading through 2017 reviews and 2018 resolutions on several blogs made me think about my own current situation.

2017 has been a year full of changes for me: I finished my bachelors, was in hospital for the first time in my life, went on vacation to Thailand, Myanmar, New York and Turkey, moved to Berlin and got my first ‚real‘ job. Looking at time frames from few months to one or two years, my life has always been planned. So for example for the past 3 years when I was studying, I knew that I’d have 2 months of holidays between the semesters so I always planned something to do in that time. Then I had to look for an internship and a job so there was always something to do regarding future plans 😀

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~You know you’re on the right track, when you become uninterested in looking back~
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~The best way to predict future is to create it~

Now for the first time ever it feels like I don’t have to plan anything at all. It’s a new part of my life which leaves everything completely open. I have a job and I’m happy but I’m that kind of person that’s always eager to improve and go further, be it personally or in other aspects. And that’s kind of my struggle at the moment, there are to many things that I’d like to do and I’m totally overwhelmed with opportunities. I know it’s amazing that I have the possibility to basically do anything but it makes it so hard to prioritise and leads to temporary mental breakdowns due to overthinking!

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Overthinking: “excessive thinking about a problem while losing focus on the big picture.” -Does this sound like it’s going somewhere? NO.

Maybe some of you go through that struggle as well, overthinking has been a pain for many of my friends to be honest. This is what I try to do in that kind of situations:

Number one action: stop thinking! It soaks up all your energy and it’s useless because it won’t take you to a solution!

Number two: Calm down and realise that this is a struggle, which shouldn’t be one. There are people in this world with serious problems, we should get our shit together about having too many possibilities in life.

Number three: Prioritise! Write down everything you want to do and when you want to do it. Make a plan and take it seriously! Then write down everything you need to accomplish your to-do list! This process cant take a bit of time, just keep in mind not to fall back into overthinking 😉

Last step: relax! Listen to your favourite music or do some yoga and forget the struggle because there is none. Remember that everything in life happens for a reason and you will find your way no matter what!

~Don’t live life with regret – everything happens for a reason~

For my part, this year I want to learn turkish and how to play guitar. I want to spend more time reading books and doing sports. I plan to bring my blog to another level and work towards working as a freelancer. I definitely want to get involved in some social/political projects here in Berlin. It’s one thing to have values and a certain mindset about critical topics but it’s a completely different thing to actually get involved and get active to change something! I have many more bulletpoints on my list but so far so good these are the biggest projects and I can’t wait to turn these plans into action! The turkish course has already started and the rest is to follow 🙂

What are your big plans for this year? I’d love to know!

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