Marrakech – The red escape

I wrote this blogpost on the plane on our way back from Marrakech to Munich. We have just spent 4 beautiful days in the red city and I hope you’ll enjoy!

Marrakech is also known as the red city because all buildings are red due to the sandstone used to build them. This weekendtrip was a very spontaneous and unplanned one. We basically just booked an all inclusive package with flights, transfers and accomodation because it was super cheap. We didn’t know anything, literally! But those are often the best trips, aren’t they?





I realise now that I should do short weekend trips more often. I love travelling and all my travels have always been very far and very long. Now that I’m not studying anymore, time is very limited and weekend trips will definitely be my new temporary escapes from everyday life. True, this sounds like an escape but I’m definitely working towards a more remote lifestyle which will allow even more travelling.

Marrakech is the fifth largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca and three others. It’s only mid January but the weather was actually beautiful. It was sunny most of the time, you still needed a coat but temperatures aren’t compareable to ice cold germany at the moment! Instead of doing some research on what to do, where to go and what to explore, we just went off without any plan whatsoever.





We wandered through the streets, did some souvenir shopping on the very first day and immediately got ripped off. Oh wonder! Well, things happen when you don’t do your research! By walking, we found so many beautiful places, squares, gardens and buildings which we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. Marrakech consists of an old and a new part of the city. We found the difference was shop signs and big streets were more present across the new part. The old town just seemed much more authentic and real! There is a market in the middle of the old town which spreads out endlessly. At least that’s what it feels like. We got lost within the market and it took us ages to find our way out because every little street looks the same: all covered with goods, souvenirs, herbs and spices, all covered in case of sunny heat or rain and very narrow.



Asking someone for the way was more or less useless because they would just send you to their or their friends shop next door. We somehow still managed to escape. Each day we walked up to 15 km which may sound a lot but is totally doable. Food in Morocco isn’t too special, I expected it to be much more spiced, which it wasn’t. It was nice anyway, the traditional dish is Tagine: some kind of meat and vegetables cooked with a small amount of spices in little bowls:


This tagine was actually pretty amazing compared to the other ones we had. It’s lamb topped with hot dried plums, cashews and sesame in a caramel-like sauce. I was blown away by the combination of flavours because I didn’t expect anything like this at all when I ordered.


From the rooftop terrasse of our hotel you could see the Atlasmountains (admitted, we did some research here). The craziest feeling to be in Africa so close to the desert, yet so close to snowy mountains! We booked a trip to the mountains online on saturday night and head off the next morning at 9 AM. This was actually the best experience of the whole trip! On our way to the mountains we learned how argan oil is made, met some camels and passed villages of Berbers, the people from the mountains. Our guide and driver were very entertaining and very informative, they told us all about how marriages work in Morocco, what the celebrations look like, the history of Morocco and so on.

IMG_0634 2IMG_0453_Facetune_18-01-2018-17-48-15IMG_0621_Facetune_18-01-2018-17-50-19IMG_0609


We walked through the mountains for a bit more than two hours, although it was rather a butt workout than walking considering the height we accomplished. Passing by waterfalls, rivers, snowy fields and other villages we made our way to out last stop where we had lunch looking at this scenery:


This trip was by far, the shortest I have ever done but it was so worth it! We saw so many different places, tried different dishes, drank Moroccan tea, went hiking, had a spa treatment, it was just amazing! I would definitely recommend to explore Marrakech if you get the chance! I image it’s even better in warmer temperatures but I imagine it to be terrible during summer, it’s Africa after all.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about where we stayed, who we booked our tour with and so on, I’m happy to help you plan your trip!

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