Time for a piercing and a new hair cut

On our last messy Monday, we wanted to get some order into our messes. Well, at least Yasmin, she got a new haircut. Sandra got her ear pierced.

The day turned out to be a pretty funny and successful one. Here’s why…


So, a month ago I decided to get my ear pierced. Since I’m new in Berlin I asked a colleague of mine, and she gave me the perfect hint: ask in Jodel.

Jodel, is an online platform, mostly used by students. Through a mobile app you can share comments and insights or ask questions to your community. Your comment is shared anonymously, and it can be seen only by people within a certain radius. When asking about a good piercer in Berlin, many suggestions popped up. Yet, the name Brust oder Keule appeared three times. I had a look at their website and went with my guts. They were right….my guts and the students who recommended the shop.











“My main purpose is not to mass produce piercings for my clients but to individually advise them for their perfect piercing.“

Byxe is a piercer since 2000, moved to Berlin in 2004 to make a living with his passion and since 2014 he has his own shop in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.
I chose this quote from his website because it’s exactly what I experienced in his shop. I was in the lobby with two other girls. He sat down with us and explained everything we needed to know about our piercing. We had to sign a paper that informed us about the risks and on which we could note down allergies or illnesses, if we had any. Afterwards we went to another room, one by one, to get our new accessory. In this room he took time again to exactly examine my ear. He looked at it with a very bright light to find out where my blood vessels were, so he wouldn’t hit them. He drew a mark to check if I was satisfied with the spot on my ear. Then I had to lay down, breath in, and with my breath out he pierced through my ear. No, it didn’t hurt😉


Byxe was very considered, asked if I was alright and answered all my additional questions. If you want to find out more about him and about how he found his way to his shop in Berlin, check out their Website.

Also have a look on their Instagram for recent projects and news 🙂

And if you need a new piercing…well you know your spot now.


It’s been at least 5 months since I last went to the hairdresser. Especially with short hair it’s important to go on a regular basis because otherwise you will sooner or later look like a mob. And yes, that’s what I felt like, it was time to tidy up that mess!

ESHK is a hair salon originally from London. The Berlin branch in Neukölln was opened in 2015 by Miguel. He is the shop owner and runs it ever since successfully. A fun fact about the shop space is that it used to be an erotic cinema but only the illuminated writing on the wall “is legal sex anal?” reminds you of it. But how did ESHK make it’s way from London all the way to Berlin? Miguel was already working as a professional hairdresser for 15 years when the founders of ESHK asked him whether he liked to open a branch in Berlin. And that’s what happened.


I always find it hard to start going to a new hairdresser, especially because I had been going to the same salon for more than 10 years. Even when I moved to another city I would not hesitate to drive 5 hours only to get to my lovely and so talented hairdresser!

At some point this became too expensive and also too time consuming, I could not help but find a new place in Berlin, where I live now. I went on google and looked for places not too far from where I live, with excellent ratings and ESHK was the first one that got my attention. I got an appointment two weeks later and I was so excited! The salon is so beautifully decorated and part of it is a little record store which makes it so special and unique!

IMG_5601The staff is so friendly and polite, they offer you coffee, tea or water and even take your jacket. They just make you feel so comfortable. During the last couple of years going to the hairdresser became like a very tiny wellness holiday for me, and that’s exactly what you get at this salon. You can relax during your head massage they give you while washing it and you will leave ESHK feeling brand new!

Not only the atmosphere is amazing. The most important part, of course, are the talented hairdressers and hairstylists. They are from various parts of the world and you instantly feel their creativity and passion for what they do. The diversity of techniques and styles is impressive and I just love how different each and every hairdresser is.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So if you’re looking for a quick, rejuvenating and relaxing escape from the buzzing city, this is the place to go! Also check out their website here. Or have a look on their Instragram for recent trends and  haircuts and get inspired!

We wish you a very merry Christmas and some beautiful holidays with your families and loved ones!

Thank you for you support and we’ll be back in 2018 with more badass content!

Your Mocking Messy Monday girls. #Mondayrules

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