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This post will review the Blogger Workshop Basic Course by Luisa Lion and Daniel Baldock, a very inspiring and lovely couple working in the influencer and blogger business. These two will warm your heart with their authenticity so make sure to check them out!

Actually, my mum was the one who put the whole blogger idea into my head. One day on german TV she saw an article about Luisa Lion and how successful she is with being a full time blogger. My mum literally texted me ‚Why don’t you become a successful blogger? I bet that would be your thing!‘ – Okay mum, I thought. And didn’t even think about it twice.


Few weeks later I found an article on the internet about Luisa Lion and her new project: An online Blogger Workshop! I did my research about Luisa and her work and life development and I thought, well maybe mum is right, because mums always are, right?! I always loved writing and sharing my experience! I believe people can actually really use some of my advice and tips to resolve their drawbacks or problems. The issue was, I had no freaking idea where to start. And this is where Blogger Workshop came to my rescue!


The workshop will tell you all the basics you need to know to get you started with your blog: Naming, Layout, Domain, Provider, Topics and Blogposts just to name a few of the chapters.


With audio files and pdf presentations every chapter is explained very well. I love the media used here because you have stuff to read and many pictures that support the text but then you also have the audio to get more of an understanding of the details. Step by Step Luisa and Dan guide you through 10 chapters of extensive instruction, advice and suggestions such that at the end of the course you have set the foundation to becoming a successful blogger. Not only that, but this course will give you an insight to the world of influencers and bloggers, a world that actually became a whole industry and revolutionised marketing possibilities.

what you learn

For a fact: yes it is time consuming! The course took me almost two months but I’m working a 40-hour week also, so maybe that’s not too bad. Ever since, I spend between 8 and 12 hours a week only for blogging and everything that comes with it (pictures, editing, interviews, and much more). Sounds busy to you? It is, but I love it so it gives me energy rather than using it up 🙂

With Blogger Workshop you will be part of a whole community where everyone has this passion for creating content, exchanging experience and supporting each other. This might sound a bit dramatic, I know. But I wouldn’t express it like that, If I didn’t feel that way. Blogger Workshop gave the path I’m going a whole new turn and I couldn’t be happier to be able to get to know this whole new world!


Even if you already have a blog but you’re not really satisfied with your concept or layout, this workshop is great and it will give you some new ideas to bring your Blog to another level!

So if you’re still not convinced, visit Blogger Workshop and see for yourself 🙂 And if you’re up for giving your life a fresh turn you can use the code “YASMIN20” and you’ll get 20% off the whole course! They also offer an Instagram Basic and Pro Course. Currently I’m in the middle of the Pro Course and I have learned so much more about Instagram already! There will be another review of course, once I’m done 🙂

Share your thoughts in the comments xx

17 thoughts on “Blogger Workshop

  1. Yes! Passion keeps you energized. I imagine you’ll become a very exciting blogger, and if you can make a living doing it, well…yippee yahoo for you and your followers too.


  2. Ich hab schon viel gehört von dem Workshop von Luisa, denke aber das ist mehr auf den deutschen Markt ausgerichtet, oder?
    Luisa verfolge ich aber schon lange, sicher schon seit, puh.. 2013?

    Alles Liebe


    1. Ja ich mag sehr gerne was sie macht und dass sie einfach so natürlich ist! Um ehrlich zu sein ist der Kurs international ausgerichtet 🙂 es gibt alles material auf englisch und deutsch und anwendbar ist es international gehalten, würde sich bestimmt lohnen, wenn du noch fragen hast schieß los 😉


    1. Dankeschön 🙂 ja ich habe auch überlegt mit dem Preis aber habe ihn dann mit discount bekommen, und es hat sich gelohnt also der preis ist auf jeden fall gerechtfertigt. Das weiss man ja nur vorher nicht 😀 deswegen die review 🙂 LG


  3. 😉 ich war auch überrascht über die Begeisterung meiner Mutter, als ich ihr mitteilte, dass ich seit bald einem Jahr blogge. Wenn die Familie dahintersteht stärkt das schon ein wenig.
    Danke dir für den Tipp.Werde gleich mal stöbern gehen.


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