Oh Christmas Market!

It’s that time of the year again! Don’t you guys love Christmas time? It starts to get really cold and you need to wear the warmest clothing you have. That atmosphere when you’re home in your cozy onesies and fluffy socks and drinking a nice hot cup of tea. We love to spend that time reading books, listening to Christmas playlists, baking tons of cookies and going to Christmas markets!


 The first Christmas market in Berlin we went to this year, was the one at Gendarmenmarkt. This market is particularly known for its large offer of handmade goods and decorations. It’s located right in the city center between the Berlin concert hall and the French dome.


At the entrance you pay 1€, half of which is going to charity projects in Berlin and the other half to the singers, dancers and acts of the market. This leads us to one of the highlights of the market: the performances. Whether it’s the men’s choir singing or an alternative Christmas theatre show, you will for sure get in the mood here! Next up is the mulled wine which was very delicious. We only tried the red one to be honest, but they do offer white, berry and some other sorts of mulled wine. In a nutshell, this Christmas markets’ atmosphere is very Christmas-like, people are in a good mood and you always find a spot to stand, although it can get quite packed. We for sure recommend stopping by and enjoy a hot cup of mulled wine!


 Only on one weekend in December, there is the “Alt-Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt” in the district of Neukölln. It’s more spread out than the one at Gendarmenmarkt. Many streets leading to different squares with numerous stalls along the way. Not only the stalls make the atmosphere “christmassy” with their decorative lights, but also the trees and apartments around the market are lightfully decorated. Prices a reasonable, the offer of food, mulled wine, handmade accessories and table ware is enormous. It doesn’t look like the typical, touristy Christmas market, but rather like a cozy, lightful street event. So, if you’re looking for an alternative this one is definitely worth checking out. But pay attention, you only have one weekend to go there;)

Your Mocking Messy Monday Girls  #Mondayrules

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