Drinks for Lions!-Unboxing


A mansion of the early 20th century, located in the middle of rivers and vineyards. This is where Wine-Lion was brought to life. Wine-Lion is a creative start up company from Mannheim, the south of Germany. Under their brand they promote their product lines SMAAK and AMAZONA. These are lifestyle drinks for every occasion, be it cozy winter nights with the girls á la Sex and the City or an afternoon with an old friend.


I’m totally in #LOVE with them.

In a fast paced world like ours, who doesn’t long for some slow-mo to really appreciate the time spent with your loved ones? Take a minute and be aware of how great your friends and family are and how they always support you. This is what Wine-Lion stands for. This is their mission. To bring back the focus on what really matters.

Personally, I think this is a beautiful thought and knowing the story behind these drinks, makes them taste even better. It’s a special drink for a special mission. This is why the product line SMAAK is vegan, has no artificial sugar or colour and no additives. They are vegan because they are filtered without using animal protein.


SMAAK comes in 9 different flavours: Rieslingschorle, Roséschorle, Cassis Secco, Berry Secco, Fire Secco, Sour Cherry Secco, Pear Secco, Peach Secco and Rhubarb Secco. I very much liked the taste of the Cassis and Sour Cherry Secco. It’s not too sweet and thus very refreshing, I imagine perfect for warm summer nights. Generally the taste of these drinks is very light and clear. It’s a simple composition of mindfully chosen fruit and production processes all made in Germany, to secure high quality standards just for you!


We’re already fans of Wine-Lion, go give it a try and visit Wine-Lion to get yours 🙂

Leave a comment or Like and let me know what you think 🙂 Would you like to read more about product reviews like these?

xx yasmin

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