Creativity in the Heart of X-berg

See the world through the eyes of a child, be carefree, live life with ease.

If it were possible to describe Oriols’ work, it would be similar to this. The first time we went to his shop we were immediately enchanted by his art. It was as if his shop, jewellery and beautiful decorations were telling a story. The story of their owner who came to Germany with a project on his mind, passion in his heart and courage to open his own shop in Berlin.


We talked to Oriol and asked him about his life. This is what he told us.

Oriol is the owner of a little jewellery shop in Kreuzberg. For over 16 years he’s been selling self-made jewellery, sustainably produced and fair-traded products, on markets and beaches all over Spain. He’s been dreaming of turning his passion into a real business over the last eight years. Five years ago, Oriol took the courageous step and came to Berlin to sell his products on all the creative markets the city has to offer.


He stored everything in his apartment and carried everything from one market to another. It was exhaustive. Only recently Oriol decided it was time to finally open a shop, where he could present his products for walk-in customers and where he could have some space to work on new collections.

The shops’ interior is beautifully decorated with so many details. From necklaces over bracelets and rings to wallets and underwear; the offer is amazing and so diverse!


Oriol collaborates with many friends who all contribute with their own design and style. Still, one can recognize a uniqueness in his style. It’s all so simple and colorful. His work broadcasts a feeling of lightness and ease. Oriol said his idea was to bring back some simple joy to the people. A bit like rediscovering parts of a childhood and the carefree feeling that comes with it.


It’s difficult to describe art. I guess you have to see and feel it for yourself. That’s why we highly encourage you to check out Oriols’ shop “0&1”. If you still need Christmas gifts, it is a great match. And even if you don’t, it’s still definitely worth checking out. Happy shopping!

Why not have a look at the shop next Monday? #Mondayrules

Your Mocking Messy Monday girls!



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