Bagan-the city of temples

It’s been a while since the last post about Myanmar, I know. But as always, life just happens and you get distracted. Anyways, I hope to be back now regularly sharing my stories and thoughts with you πŸ™‚ Have you checked out my new project that I recently started with one of my best friends Sandra? If you haven’t, go check it out here!

Now, let’s shed light on the second half of our Myanmar journey earlier this year.

Last time we stopped the story before arriving in Bagan, so this is where we’ll jump in! Bagan is the city of temples. So beautiful and so pure you won’t be able to imagine, you’ll have to go and see and feel it for yourself. We arrived early in the morning after we had spent the whole night on a bus. It was about 5 AM and it was cloudy and really cold to be honest. Β The air was misty and you could barely see farther than 20 metres. Having arrived at our hotel after a short car ride, we had to wait for our rooms to be ready so we wandered around the area for a bit. The mysterious calmness of this place was a little scary but also beautiful and special. Walking past the first pagoda this picture was taken:


It’s so hard to describe the atmosphere that was present that morning, it was just beautiful and mysterious and I will never forget it.

However, after we had breakfast at a random Burmese breakfast canteen kind of thing, we settled down in our hotel and went back to sleep for a few hours. Waking up about 4 hours later, it was so hot we couldn’t believe it. The temperature rose from about 14Β°C to 40Β°C in only four hours. The heat wasn’t too bad because it was very dry so we didn’t sweat too much. It was still hot though.Β The three days that we stayed in Bagan were spent on visiting temples, pagodas, markets, restaurants, barbecues, we even went to the museum of Bagan.

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To be honest after the 6th or 7th temple you kind of get the ‘just another temple’ feeling. Nevertheless, every temple is beautiful in its own way and has its own character and story. I would definitely recommend to take a guide book with you on trips to the pagodas. It’s nice to walk through the cool corridors of the temples and to learn something about that place.

A must-do in Bagan are at least one sunset and one sunrise from one of the special locations. We watched the sunset sitting on one temple, having another temple in front of us and behind it the setting sun. It was just indescribable how the colours were changing and how quickly it was dark. The silhouette of the temple in front of the sun is an imagery that will be burnt into my head forever.

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For the sunrise we went to another pagoda. One that wasn’t too high. For a very long time we just sat there in the dark waiting for something to happen. The sunrise took so long to begin and then suddenly the sun was up so fast! Just when you think okay it’s just too dusty and cloudy, nothing’s gonna happen, you see a giant red fireball appearing at the horizon. The feeling in that very moment gave me goosebumps. Then everything happens really quickly: you can see one or two hot air balloons driving by the rising sun and then it’s daylight and the spectacle is over. Is it? No it’s not. As we started driving back to our hotel we stopped again because suddenly there were about 10 to 15 hot airballoons floating about in the air above the rising sun and the temples and that was exactly the view we had waited for!

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If you don’t have the urge now to go to Bagan and see these beautiful settings for yourself, I can’t help you.

Stay tuned for another story about Myanmar: The beautiful Inle Lake.

Coming soon!


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