Routine is good, change is better

Today is all about change:

Our weeks consist of many little routines: Always getting up at the same time, going to work at the same place, going to yoga-classes on Thursdays, getting excited on Friday afternoons because the weekend is about to start.

Routine, habit, and structure make us function, they make things easier. We don’t have to plan our day because our routine determines our schedule.

Why is it so hard to get back to work on Monday? Because we broke our routine on the weekend. As soon as we got used to our daily routine again, it gets easier.
But why is it so hard to work on Fridays? Because our routine also needs to be broken sometimes. Routine is good, up to a certain point, but then boredom kicks in and we have the desire to break the pattern.

A nice example is my (Yasmin) own routine. Only recently I started a Home Office Job, so basically I can work from anywhere with an internet connection. This is great and I really enjoyed it for the first two weeks. But soon I realized, working only from my bedroom, five days a week is going to drive me mad! So I started working from a café on Monday afternoons and ever since, work on Tuesday and Wednesday seems so much easier and smoother. Then Thursdays are a bit heavy again which is why I’m planning to work from different locations on Thursdays as well. Fortunately there are a lot of nice and work-friendly cafés in Berlin so the offers are numerous.


So last Monday we packed our things to study and work in a little café close to our house in Kreuzberg, to get a change of scene. It’s called Frida Café. We had some nice soy milk coffee which was pretty big and cost 3 euros, totally reasonable and so delicious! In general the offer ranges from all sorts of coffee to cold drinks like matcha or ginger lemonade and even freshly squeezed juices which are amazing! You can also get soups and bagels here so take the time and stop by for a lunch break! What we liked the most was the decoration. It felt like sitting in a jungle-themed living room. It was cozy, calm, cute and pleasant and definitely recommendable. I mean, look at the picture, isn’t it cute?


Other than that, the staff is super friendly and we will definitely come back here! Give it a try if you’re in the neighborhood and stop by for a coffee 🙂 also check their Instagram for updates and impressions.

From this Monday, we take away that routine is good, but change is better. We are no machines after all…

Last but not least, listen to Intuition and Equalibrum, Even if you don’t like rap, try!

Be your own change on every Monday! #Mondayrules

Your Mocking Messy Monday Girls!

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