Spooky Monday

Hi guys!! As announced last week, we will start our new project today: Mocking Messy Mondays!

How did last Monday treat you? Our halloween Monday was actually quite nice. We had a party planned for the night so the whole day we did groceries and shopping for the occasion. Our plans for the night were to start partying and drinking at our place and then head out to one of Berlins Halloween parties. Of course we had put great effort in planning our make up and costumes a couple of weeks ahead. However, we failed organizing anything and so it turned out to be a last minute solution on the day of the party, because hello?! Not everybody has a whole team working on their costume like Heidi Klum!

Anyways, considering everything to be last minute, our outfits turned out to be pretty cool!

So if you’re looking for a last minute halloween outfit next year, this is what you can do for your make-up:

  1. Buy any kind of cheap halloween make-up, all you need is black and white colour (we bought ours at the german drug store Rossmann)
  2. Make your whole face white
  3. Use the black color around your eye, the tip of your nose and beneath your cheek bone so they look like holes in your face
  4. Then roughly draw some scary looking shadows in black all over your face, especially your cheek. Now you’re all set with a full or half skull that will go with any type of outfit you choose.


And remember: it’s halloween, so don’t be too fussy about your drawing skills 😉

Another last minute solution was to just put on a wig and make your face look like you’re a haunted person:

  1. Put a relatively bright foundation on your face to make you look a little sick.
  2. Now remember this everytime you put makeup on: dark colours will set the spots you put it on into the backround and it will make them look sharp and edgy. Bright colours on the other hand will highlight the spots and put them in focus.

           With a large brush create a lot of dark shades all around the edges of your face, beneath your cheek

           bones, on the sides of your nose and around your eyes. This will make you look even sicker and


  1. Then use any dark eyeshadow you can find (I used a dark purple kind of colour) and unevenly apply it all around your eyes. Don’t be careful here, you want to look terrible right?!
  2. Last, why not add a few extra bruises? Put some more dark shadows with the same colour on the side of your forehead and if you like as well on your collarbone.


 And here you have created a cool halloween look in less than 20 minutes:

Ich halloween.jpg

Berlin has a great variety of offers regarding Halloween parties. Parties in general I would say. We have noticed that a lot of people from the UK and France visit Berlin regularly just to party and enjoy the nightlife. Seriously it’s crazy how many offers you have to choose from here!

That was one of our problems as well. We were many different people with different tastes of music. Nevertheless, at the end we found 3 locations that would fit our high standards, different floors with different music, not too far from home, not too expensive. Fees to get in were mostly between 7 and 15 euros. Reasonable for that occasion I would say.

Haubentaucher (Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall)

Burg Schnabel (Elektro, Deephouse)

KitKat: Electric Monday

Now the fact that you have to keep in mind to make your night amazing, is: BE ON TIME!

Especially on special occasions like Halloween, Berlin goes crazy and you have to make sure to get into your club of choice before 11:30 pm. Otherwise there is a good chance you won’t make it into any club anymore whatsoever.

You can already guess what happened to some of us that night…. Exactly, we didn’t get into the club that we chose and ended up going somewhere we really didn’t want to go 😀

So always keep in mind to plan your night well, and head off in time!

Who else likes Tim Burton?
So, in the end we wanted to give you another song-tip. It might be a song you already know but still, there is no way you can write about Halloween and not mention it. That’s what Halloween is made for, to have an excuse to listen to this song non-stop!

Know what I’m talkin’ about?

Listen to This is Halloweenthe Disney Charakters -version. This will really boost up your mood for Halloween…EVERYBODY SCREAM. Click here .

And remember: Be your own halloween on every Monday! #Mondayrules

Your Mocking Messy Monday Girls!

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