Mocking Messy Mondays

Tell me why I do like Mondays

Monday, the start of a new week. The question is: Why do so many people hate Mondays? Well, I guess it’s probably not the day itself we hate. I mean, why would we willingly choose to hate a particular day of the week, before even knowing what will happen? It must, most of the times, be what the day represents. The end of our week[end], the start of another boring routine. It seems that every Monday we need to crawl back into that reality that is determined by social rules and that doesn’t seem to allow any extraordinaryness. To say it poetically: Mondays can seem like a depressing fall day, can they not?!


Only on weekends (TGIF!!!) we’re allowed to break the pattern of our daily routine to become somebody else and do what energizes us. At least that’s what it feels like. But here’s another question: Why wait until the weekend to do something energizing? And furthermore, if every Monday feels like a burden, something’s just not right!.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot be sad after a fun weekend is over. Not at all. We cannot always feel joy. Joy and sadness go hand in hand, you can’t experience one, without experiencing the other. I’m just saying two things: First, if the thought of a new week is stressful for your body and mind, you must clearly change something. Second, use Mondays as an opportunity to try new things! And soon you won’t say TGIF but TGIMONDAYYY!!! And perhaps, autumn isn’t too bad after all 😉


I have watched the movie Groundhog Day from 1993 with Bill Murray many times. I always enjoyed watching it because I always had a good laugh. The message seems clear: do good things in life, enjoy life and make the best out of your day. Yet, only last year I got my real personal take-away from this movie. It came to my mind after a trip to London. I went on a suppose-to-be-boring family trip with my mom and aunt. They took me with them, so I could read the map and navigate them through the city. I could have settled for this kind of trip: during the day I would get to know the city and at night, I’d have dinner with my family and go back to the hotel to get a good night sleep, wake up early in the morning and do it all over again. But the second night I had a thought. Why not go out by myself and have a beer at a pub, see what the night has to offer, and what life has prepared for me.


I don’t want to go into detail, but I ended up having one of the best experiences of my life. It was not because I made out with a super cute bartender or because I found myself in the VIP Lounge next to Nicole Scherzinger in a club in downtown London, no! I realised that I have the power to choose the way I want my life to go, or least, my day to go. If I had settled for a nice but not exciting family trip and not gone out, I would have never had that much fun! So, if you think your Monday will be boring and ‘just another monday’, since you are “only” going to class or work, do something about it! You don’t need to go clubbing on a Monday night, but you can try new things: do a sport you have never done before, cook something you have never cooked before, call somebody you haven’t talked to in a long time.

That’s what we’ll try to do too! Every Monday we (Sandra&Yasmin) will mock this messy day and share our stories about what we did. And since you will not want to read something boring, we will try to spice it up as good as we can. So should you!

So stay tuned for the start of our ne project on the upcoming Monday, to see how we will Mock Messy Monday day this time. Halloween seems like an excellent opportunity, don’t you think?

Last but not least: Listen to Monday – Vintage Culture, Felguk. We found it by chance but it really boosts up your mood. Click here.

And remember: be your own weekend on every Monday! #Mondayrules

Your Mocking Messy Monday Girls!

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