Yes You Can! Vegan Protein Motivation

Hey guys, this time I would like to share with you my experience with the YIC Vegan Protein Powder. If you’re looking for a protein that can be used for multiple purposes and thats truly vegan and produced without genetically modified ingredients, keep on reading!


YIC signifies „Yes I Can“ which I find quite a cool name for a product like this because it motivates you to stick to your cause. Now this protein can be used for different purposes:

  1. Replacing meals in order to support weight loss: You can replace one to two meals with shakes containing YIC. Soy protein creates a feeling of satiety and harms having munchies. Moreover, L-Carnitin supports fat burning. This combined with a low calorie nutrition and training sounds like a good plan if you want to lose significant weight. (Which however, wasn’t my intention)
  2. Protein shakes to support muscle growth: So this is what I was looking for. I prefer to train in the evenings. After a long working day I turn up the music on my earphones and relief all the stress and tension of the day during my training. Afterwards it’s already quite late most of times so I struggle with my meals here because I am kind of hungry but I don’t want to eat too much because I don’t sleep well with a full stomach. YIC was a pretty good solution for me because it supports my muscles with amino acids and it will serve as a small meal, perfect after a late training.
  3. Nutrition supplement to improve your general well-being: This is another reason that makes YIC interesting for me because it doesn’t only contain vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients, but it also contains a high mix of probiotic bacteria which will support digestion. This will restore and maintain a healthy intestinal flora and this is super important because it will directly and positively affect your immune system and thus your physical and psychological well-being.

The company declares YIC to be taste-neutral and thus, easy to mix with fruit, muesli or superfoods to create shakes or bowls with it. I tested the protein over 4 weeks, always taking it after my trainings which was two to three times a week. The instructions say to use two measuring spoons for one shake. I tried this and I found that for me this was a bit too much because I felt pretty full after I drank it. So I simply reduced the amount to one or one and a half measuring spoons.

Mostly I mixed the powder in my smoothie maker and added raspberries, strawberries, banana, cinnamon, whatever I felt like and whatever came to my mind in that moment. YIC is indeed almost taste neutral which makes it possible to mix it with everything.


However, the vegan protein doesn’t fully resolve which means you always have a little bit of a powdery feeling when drinking it. I tried mixing it with raspberries only and I found that the less fruit you add, the more you taste the soy-like taste of the powder. It’s not necessarily bad, it just tastes very healthy and very green, if you know what I mean?! So after that, I just always added something with a strong taste like a ripe banana or strawberries or even watermelon.

You can really get creative here and add honey for some extra sweetness or add superfoods like chia or linseeds. Because I replaced the meal after my trainings with this shake, I only tried putting it in my muesli once, just to see if it works well and I found it’s much better regarding the taste because the powdery feeling is not that noticeable anymore. But you can mix and match as you prefer.


For me the protein fully held its promise because I could use it as a meal after my trainings which saved me time because I didn’t have to prepare or cook food and it still filled me up, yet not too much so I could still sleep well. Moreover I felt energised and recovered the next morning. I’m not sure whether this is a placebo effect or due to the protein but to be honest, it doesn’t really matter right?! It made me feel better and gave me more energy and that’s all that counts.

Another positive affect that I noticed was the functioning of my digestive system. Ever since I had a surgery in march this year, my digestion was irregular and confused. YIC definitely made a difference here and my digestion is super regular since I started using it. I’m super happy about this fact because after so many months I thought my digestion would never go back to normal but then suddenly it did and I didn’t even expect it. I’m excited to see whether this will keep up once the protein is used up.

So all together YIC is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re looking for a vegan protein supplement to support your body when training and to support you with vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The price of 29.95€ is kind of tough but I think fully justified regarding the quality of the ingredients. Also, If you use it the way I did, it will probably last your more than a month and viewing it as a monthly cost it’s reasonable. Feel free to give it a try, and take a look at it here.

Let me know what you think 🙂


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