Broaden your horizon- the right way!

I have always been interested in traveling and getting to know every single corner of the world. Luckily my mum already took me on holiday to Turkey when I was still very little. I kind of have a feeling that flying as a baby has a huge influence whether you will enjoy flying later on or not. As for myself, I ended up loving traveling by plane.


Turkey was always our destination for the summer school break. That is because my mum is from Turkey which makes me half turkish. Turkey is full of beautiful nature, landscapes, beaches, culture, food and different people, it’s just an amazing beautiful country. -I do not intend to talk about the political situation at the moment because it will simply go on forever.- Despite everything, I am so proud and grateful for having such a diverse background. Although I have never lived in Turkey for longer than a few weeks, it’s a place where I feel at home and where I feel I belong. I do have the same feeling for Germany, although it’s more like a habit and because I grew up in Germany it simply is a place that I call my home. However, being blessed with two different cultures definitely fueled the urge to go out into the world and look for more diversity, countries and cultures.



During high school I joined a few school trips and went on holiday with my friends for the first time ever when we were 16. These experiences not only were the most amazing things I ever did in my life, but also they made me grow into who I am today. My first every holiday without parents was a camping trip to Spain. Together with my five best friends, although I didn’t know they will end up being my best friends after this trip, we experienced two weeks of complete madness. Not in the sense of crazy alcohol drinking, more in the sense of sticking together, enjoying the moments we had together and soaking up all the joy that came to us in these two weeks. We met so many nice people, especially our tour tutor made this time unforgettable for us. We all found friends for our lives in that summer of 2009 and nowadays we always look back on all these memories and we could not be happier.


Eversince that trip, I could not wait to explore more of the world. I went on small trips around Europe as well as on an excursion to Africa. I was lucky I had so many possibilities from my school to go abroad and do all these amazing things. It wasn’t until I came back from Australia after I had lived there for one year, that I realised: Traveling, especially on your own, is the best education and experience you can get. It makes your personality and character develop so much and it will change the way you see things and it will make you reflect on your behaviour and thinking.

It simply broadens your Horizon.h0f1QmJYR32RE07Taga2pQ_thumb_4e3f

When hearing this sentence -broaden your horizon- I always have to think about writing applications for a job. But broadening your horizon means so much more than just acquiring new skills at a job, it means always developing yourself, seeking challenges, overcoming difficulties and being curious about the unknown.

I can’t think of a better way to do that but to go out there and explore the world your own way. For me it was essential because all these experiences, especially living a year abroad by myself, made me to who I am today. So go out there and start exploring! There is so much of this world that we haven’t seen yet and it is about time to broaden our horizons with beautiful experiences! And I don’t necessarily mean, go to the farthest corner of the world, although these places always seem to be the most interesting, but a beautiful place that you haven’t seen yet, might just be around the corner.


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