Speed Carrot Cake!

Hey guys!! Today I would like to share my favourite cake recipe with you! I don’t know about you but I love a nice juicy piece of carrot cake. I love how moist it is and its hint of cinnamon! Not to forget the cream cheese frosting which make it even more delicious. I first baked a carrot cake according to a recipe I found online. That recipe included a cream cheese frosting and a few more ingredients than what we will use here.

My speed carrot cake à la Yasmin will be an easier version of the carrot cake to make it fast and with a little less calories. I created this version of the carrot cake because I wanted to bring something for last day at work of one of my colleagues and as many times, I was running late the night before so i basically just threw some ingredients into a bowl and it turned out really nice!

First of all you will need a large bowl. You put in two eggs, two to three little packs of vanilla sugar, and depending on how sweet you want the cake to turn out, add a little more of raw or normal sugar.


Now you whisk eggs and sugar on high.2ImkGF9JQpqSi4BNBb37dA_thumb_4cd1

Whisk until it becomes slightly frothy.

Now add some vegetable oil (this replaces the butter that is usually used) and then add flour while you keep stirring. So the way I do it, is adding quite a lot of flour until the mixer slows down because the dough becomes too firm. I add about a teaspoon of cinnamon and then I add milk and 200 gr. of chopped nuts (hazelnuts or almonds), until the dough becomes quite fluid again. I can only tell you the exact measurement of the nuts because I buy them in a bag of 200 gr. and put in the whole bag every time I bake the cake 😀 Now it will have the texture of a pudding I would say.


Last but not least I add ground carrots, about four middle sized ones. Stir well until mixed. Then put into the oven and bake at 200°C until done. Depending on the size and form of the baking dish it will take less or more time, I usually use a standard round cake dish and the cake will take about 25 to 35 minutes to be done. Test it with a skewer or a knife and see if a lot of dough still sticks to it when you stick it into the cake and pull it out.

In the end your cake will look somewhat like this:


Now because this is a speed cake, I don’t want to spend time on measuring, which you probably have noticed already. Actually this is what I think makes this cake so amazing and unique because every time I bake it, it turns out differently, but it’s always delicious! I even forgot to put in the nuts once but it still turned out to be a yummy carrot cake! Another thing I never find time for is making the frosting. So instead I either just put powdered sugar on top which makes it looks nice and is very simple to do, or I mix powdered sugar with fresh lemon juice and pour that on top of the cake. The lemon-sugar topping gives the cake an amazing fresh note and is very simple and quick to make.

I love the simplicity of this cake and that it’s so variable, so feel free to try this yourself and give the cake your own personal character! Don’t worry too much about measuring the ingredients, dare to go against the rules and just bake with whatever comes to your mind!

I hope you like it, if you ever try it, leave me a comment on how it went, I’d love to know!


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