Disaster Days are to make you grow!

It’s one of those days again, where nothing seems to work. Just nothing at all. It simply seems like the world is against us.  We all have those days from time to time. They make you want to go curl up in your bed like on a cold snowy winter day.


Today was one of these days for me. The whole week was just so crazy busy at work and my head was all over the place already on wednesday. So today (Friday) after work I was in deep need of relaxation and fun with my friends who I was supposed to visit in Magdeburg.

Magdeburg is located right at the river Elbe! This makes the city such a beautiful place during summer!
Magdeburg is located right at the river Elbe! This makes the city such a beautiful place during summer!

However, everything got messed up. I missed one bus and just everything else fell apart like domino pieces. The 16 year old Yasmin would’ve probably cried and lost her mind :D. But fortunately I grew since then so that now I can keep my patience and try handling the situation. After all, I only arrived one hour late and had to spent an extra 20 euros but I still arrived and it wasn’t too bad. I think it’s just really important to not freak out and to not lose your excitement for what’s ahead of you, because that will ruin it for you. I was looking forward to seeing my friends so much because I haven’t seen them in a while and I knew, no matter what, somehow I will make it there :D. In these situations where you just want to go home and avoid the situation, I breath deeply a few times and then sort my thoughts and instantly scan my brain for solutions. Eventually, a solution will come to your mind. And as I said in other posts already, always focus on the positive things, don’t get yourself hold up with what didn’t work, find the solution and be happy about what did work! In the end Magdeburg treated me well on my arrival with this beautiful sunshine:


Another nice story that I can tell regarding these random disastrous happenings is this one:

So I just recently finished my bachelors degree in International Business and Economics in January. After, I was ready to go on a four week holiday travelling through asia with my girls from Uni. We had already booked the flights and we were so excited to go and claim our reward that we were giving ourselves for three tough years of studying economics. So about two weeks before the departure to our journey, I was visiting my mom in my hometown which is Heidelberg in the south-west of Germany.

The old city of Heidelberg is directly next to the river Neckar
This is Heidelbergs’ Castle!

I haven’t seen her in a while and it’s always nice to spend time in your home town and catch up with friends and family. From here everything turned out differently. One morning I woke up with a pain in my belly, it turned into the worst pain and cramps I have ever had and all I could do was cry and try to decide whether to call an ambulance or not. After a couple of hours my mom brought some painkillers and antispasmodics and after I took them I felt so much netter. However, the pain before was crazy so we decided to still go get myself checked at the hospital. Turns out they suspected an appendicitis. The doctors said it wasn’t too bad and they couldn’t really see it on the ultrasonic so I had to go to the hospital everyday for the three following days to get my blood checked and see what the infection values said. Well the values went up and down and I still felt better so then on the fourth day I went to drive home (my second home now, Magdeburg the town where I studied for three years, which really made its way to my heart). I went to the hospital there again because the doctors from Heidelberg told me to do so, to make sure I’m okay. Now the doctors in Magdeburg were not amused I got send there, they basically said the appendix should’ve been taken out right at the beginning of the pain. Anyhow I was in shock and I explained them the situation with my holiday, and I know, safety and health is always first, BUT I did not want to ditch the holiday at any expense, it just meant to much to me. So finally the doctor said, well if you want to go on that holiday, we have to remove the appendix still today. And because it’s a routine surgery if there are no complications, I should be good to go on holiday 10 days later. So two hours later I was unconscious and had the surgery. The three days after the surgery were the worst of my life I guess. The pain, the people in the hospital, the doctors, nothing in there is really appealing. And basically I could go on for ages about this experience. It was my first visit to a hospital as a patient and I really do not wish for anyone to ever having to go there.

Let’s skip the negative part for now and focus on what happened next: 10 days later, literally a day  after they took out the threads, we hopped on the plane and left for our journey. I was so happy. I was also scared because only 10 days earlier my belly was cut open and everything around there was very sensitive so I had to be very careful. Nevertheless, the holiday turned out to be truly amazing and I wouldn’t want to miss it for sure! Even though my friends had to carry my backpack most of the time and even though I couldn’t go swimming. These experiences and memories will be with me forever and that makes me the happiest person on this planet. I will certainly tell you the story of our journey in another post, I live for the adventure and exploring, it gives me energy and power and it just fills my heart with so much joy!


Two weeks after I had returned from the holiday, I received a call from the doctor who did the surgery, asking how I was and how my holiday was (which was super nice!) and she told me as well that the infection of the appendix was much more serious than everyone thought and that it was the best action to take it out right back then because otherwise I might have had to get the surgery done in Asia, which is rather scary I would say.

So in the end, everything turned out to be fine and right, just the way it went. Eventhough I had the worst time of my life in this hospital, I had the best times during this holiday and it was well worth the pain! This again showed me that everything that happens in life has a purpose and that we grow immensely with the challenges that life puts upon us.

I believe there are many out there who experienced similar things and maybe the way I deal with it will inspire you or even help you tackle tough situations. Stay focused on the good and positive and don’t let anything get you down, in the end it will all add up to some sense 🙂

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