Not only Food is Nourishing

I guess we all know our body needs nutrition to function and to keep our motor going. Yet there are times we realise we need less food compared to another time but we are still on the same level of energy and power. For me that time is always during the warm summer months!


I took the picture of this beautiful sunrise when I was travelling through Myanmar earlier this year. I almost cried, that’s how beautiful and breathtaking it was, watching this powerful giant fireball rise up to the sky first so slowly and then with unnoticeable speed. Unoticable because it seems so slow but then all of a sudden you realise it’s already daylight.

I like to say that the sun brings out the best in me. My mood rises, I need less sleep, I have more energy, I feel motivated about all and everything, my skin is clearer and my body functions just fine with only raw veggies and fruit, which I feel would not be possible in winter. Because of the way I was raised and different things I have experienced in my life, I started to believe in non-food nutrition. More and more I started to recognise different things that would give me extra energy for the day or the rest of the day.


For example sitting on my balcony, closing my eyes and just enjoying the sun on my skin and consciously listening to the sound of my environment. After I open my eyes I would feel refreshed and energised as if I had just taken a nap! I reckon this might already be a little bit of meditation to relax the body and mind and gather energy for the rest of the day.

Also after a long day of working at the office I had a nice experience. Because my work offers free Yoga classes once a week I thought I would give it a try. I was already so tired after work and basically I didn’t want to do yoga anymore on that day. I went anyway and after the class I walked out of work, feeling like another day has just started and I was ready to take it on! So I guess a little can go a looooong way when it comes to centralising yourself for a little bit and then keep going refreshed and energised.

The other day I went to have a look at the Botanical Garden in Berlin where you basically have all kinds of climates in one green house. The idea got to me that this would be the perfect spot to go if you are sick of cold and rainy days and just need to spend some time warming up your mind. Whether you go to the desert where it’s just hot and dry and you sit in between various types of cactus or to the tropics where you will instantly feel as if you are on holiday because it’s hot and humid. (Humid air is also good for your throat and tongue if you’re stuck with a flu, definitely worth a visit).


Not only can you pull more energy from the sun and warm temperatures, but also from relationships, friendships, things that make you feel happy. It can also be your hobby, whether you’re a passionate painter who can draw energy from being creative and painting pictures, like me or whether you play the guitar or write a diary. Your source of energy can be all sorts of things, only that we might have not realised yet that they actually are a source of energy for us.

So what I’m trying to say is not -eat less-paint more-! But keep your eyes open to see when you feel more energised and try to find the source of it. This way it can be used in situations where you need more energy and you don’t know where to get it from. Often we have our little support sources in the smallest things and we might just be to distracted to see them.

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