New York City – First Impressions

This will be the first part of a New York series I’m planning to write over the next few weeks. It’s just way too many things I want to talk about to fit it all in one post. Expect some nice little stories and highlights about the trip and also some recommendations if you are planning to visit NYC at some point.

It was my first visit to New York City and even my first ever journey to the United States, which is why I was very excited for the 12 days I was going to spend there. I kind of expected it to be like you’ve seen it in the movies and series especially because I’m a huge fan of Sex and The City. I imagined everything to be big and expensive and loud and busy. However, I was still shocked when we arrived and left the airport and instantly everything seemed much bigger than in any other country I’ve ever been to. Roadways are huge, cars are gigantic (seriously I only saw one or two small cars in 12 days), the fridge, microwave, stove, everything looks BIGGER. Now this may sound like I’ve been living in a village with 500 habitants all my life and it’s the first time I’m visiting a city, but it’s not. I grew up in the city, I lived in Sydney for a year, I’ve been to Istanbul and Bangkok and now I live in Berlin but nothing is like New York City, this city outreaches them all.


After having soaked up the first shock, it didn’t feel so strange anymore to be in NYC. I actually expected to be out of my mind and crazy about the fact i’m in NYC but instead it felt kind of normal to stroll through the streets, take the subway, get nice takeaway food and so on. What I loved instantly is how the city itself is structured and calling it city is certainly the wrong term because NYC is much bigger than only Manhattan. With the avenues going all the way through Manhattan from north to south and the streets from west to east in a numerical order, it is very easy to get about. What is not so easy on the other hand is estimating how far five or ten blocks actually is. You might think well that doesn’t sound much but in the end your feet will tell you, it’s a hell lot of walking. We did ten kilometres a day minimum while still having to take the subway.


Talking about walking, at this point I’d like to give a shoutout to all the ladies walking through NYC in heels! I mean, how do you do it?! This is what brings me to talk about another fact I immediately loved about this city: Fashion. It’s not like I’m too crazy about fashion and brands but I do like to dress nicely, put makeup on and look out for some good deals. Wandering through the streets you realise there is all kinds of people and it reminded me a bit of Berlin where you can wear whatever you want wherever you want and nobody really cares. Still NYC is different when it comes to dressy and chic outfits. You see many more people walking around in nice dresses, suits and shoes which I enjoyed very much because I could wear all the nice outfits I brought (and the ones I bought)!

Last but not least, one of the first impressions I got about NYC were definitely the masses of people. Of course in destinations like these in the world you will find more people than usual, but nevertheless walking through Times Square around peak times is literally not possible! Which is why we tried to avoid the busiest areas of the city around lunch time or just after work times. However, they still managed to give some public Yoga classes at Times Square, which I thought was an amazing idea and I instantly wanted to jump in and join the course! How beautiful if you manage to find some peace and quietness for yourself in the busiest spot of this crazy city!


Stay tuned for upcoming and more detailed posts about the trip to New York City! And of course you’re always welcome to leave me a like or comment 😉

2 thoughts on “New York City – First Impressions

    1. Hey 🙂 thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 there will be a whole series about new york so stay tuned! Going to colleges in new york sounds great! Its a crazy city and full of stuff to explore 😀


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